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Jet Paris SAS - French Aviation Company

Jet Paris SAS (JTP) is a French aviation company specializing in the operation of HondaJet aircraft in Europe. Established in February 2023 in Strasbourg, Jet Paris has quickly become a leader in the industry, accumulating the most extensive HondaJet experience on the continent. With our CAMO license obtained in July 2023, we ensure the highest standards of safety and maintenance for our fleet.

Based primarily at Nice airport (LFMN), our HondaJet aircraft offer a unique floating base, allowing us to provide exceptional service to our clients throughout Europe. We also have offices in both Strasbourg and Nice, further strengthening our presence and accessibility.

At Jet Paris, we take pride in our professional team of pilots, who have been flying HondaJet aircraft since their introduction in Europe. Their expertise and dedication ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for our passengers, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in every flight.

As a company, we value the modern and eco-friendly nature of HondaJet, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a new private jet experience. Our mission is to provide unparalleled luxury, comfort, and efficiency to our clients, delivering a seamless and memorable travel experience.

Jet Paris has been recognized for its outstanding achievements in the industry, receiving notable awards and accolades. We continue to innovate and excel, setting new standards for private aviation.

Discover the exceptional world of Jet Paris SAS (JTP), your trusted partner for HondaJet flights and the epitome of French aviation expertise.

Jet Paris SAS, Siren 94835462600012, Capital 2100000 Euro, FR55948354626, EORI FR948354626

Post address: 32 allée de la Robertsau,  Strasbourg, Grand Est, 67000, France



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«Welcome aboard JTP HondaJet! Our professional pilots are here to ensure that your flight is not only beautiful but also safe. We take pride in our modern aircraft and our friendly staff, who are dedicated to making your journey a memorable one. With our team of experienced professionals, we guarantee you a unique and exceptional experience. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service throughout your flight. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible timing of your journey with JTP HondaJet.»

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What our clients say

I recently had the pleasure of flying with JET PARIS SAS on their HondaJet charter flight, and I was truly impressed. The new and green aircraft provided a smooth and comfortable journey, while the safe operation and professional pilots ensured peace of mind throughout the trip. Not to mention, the catering was not only good, but absolutely delectable. If you're a business owner, traveler, or even a pet owner looking for a top-quality aviation company, I highly recommend JET PARIS SAS and their HondaJet private jet service.

by Patric Stone

I had the opportunity recently to fly on a Jet Paris HondaJet charter flight and I was incredibly impressed. The aircraft itself was brand new and the sleek design added to the overall luxury experience. As a pet owner, I appreciated the commitment to a green aircraft, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The safe operation, professional pilots, and delicious catering made me feel well taken care of throughout the journey. Jet Paris SAS truly sets the standard as a quality aviation company, and I highly recommend their HondaJet for any business owner or traveler seeking a superior private jet experience.

by Hugo James

I must say, my experience with Jet Paris aviation company charter flight on HondaJet exceeded all my expectations. The brand new HondaJet aircraft offered a luxurious and comfortable travel experience, while also being environmentally conscious as a green aircraft. The safe operation and highly professional pilots of JET PARIS SAS ensured a smooth and worry-free journey. Not to mention, the catering on board was absolutely delightful, adding an extra touch of luxury to the trip. As a business owner and frequent traveler, I highly recommend the Jet Paris HondaJet charter flight for its quality aviation services and exceptional customer satisfaction.

by Stefanie Rashford

It was an exceptional experience. Not only was the aircraft brand new and luxurious, but it's also environmentally friendly, which aligns perfectly with my values. The safe operation and the professionalism of the pilots were evident throughout the journey. Plus, the catering on board was both delicious and satisfying. If you're a business owner or traveler looking for a top-quality aviation company in France, I highly recommend JET PARIS SAS and their HondaJet charter flights.

by Anastasia Stone

I have been flying with JET PARIS SAS on their HondaJet charters many times, and I must say, it got an exceptional experience. The brand new aircraft provided a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, while also being environmentally friendly as a green aircraft. The safe operation and professional pilots instilled confidence throughout the journey. Moreover, the good and tasty catering options added an extra touch of enjoyment to the trip. As a business owner and frequent traveler, I highly recommend JET PARIS SAS for their top-notch service and commitment to quality aviation.

by Patricia James
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